Salut! Je m’appelle Rosie.

I’m an English girl who’s been living in America since the age of two with big plans to peace out to Europe after I graduate from university.  I study French Linguistics in America, but spent my sophomore year of university living in Paris really learning French.  I made so many amazing/beautiful/scary/crazy memories abroad and I’m going to write them all down.

Edit 29 June 2015: Currently back in Paris right now – just finished up an internship with the United States Embassy!  I’ll be here until the end of July, then it’s back to America again.  One year left at university, and then, yep, back to Paris..FOR GOOD!

Edit 11 October 2016: Currently finishing up my last semester of undergrad…moving to Paris around August/September 2017!

Bisous !

Contact: lachancedulait@gmail.com



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