I’ve been thinking about starting up a fashion blog because, sometimes, I really like my outfits.  As I’ve already got this blog running, I’ve decided to pepper in some fashion posts here and there – starting with this one.  Yesterday, Doug and I ran around this festive outdoor mall on the east side of Michigan and messed around with my camera.  Below are the results.





The countdown to Paris is currently at a month and a half.  Can’t wait to have the city of lights as my background for these posts and also can’t wait to write posts on my daily life while interning there!  Hope everyone’s keeping warm – have a lovely end of the year and an even better start to the new year.

Coat – Maison Scotch

Shirt – JC Penny

Jeans – Allsaints Spitalfields

Shoes – Timberland

Bag – Longchamp

Thanks to Doug for taking all of these!  If you’re a user of Tumblr or Instagram, go give him a follow!

Instagram – http://instagram.com/project_earth

Tumblr – http://unknown-immortal.tumblr.com


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